The Calendar So Far

For those looking to be kept in the loop, chasing me down for books, for artwork, for puppets, or for stalking purposes:

Apr 23-24th Chase Con (Saratoga City Center)

May 15th Salt City Collect-A-Con (F-Shed at the Syracuse Regional Market)

June 5th- Albany Comic Con (Radisson, Turf…whatever it will be this year.  If it’s still the Radission they need a much bigger sign).

June 11th-Paws Along the Mohawk Spring Fling (4057 Amsterdam Rd, Glenville)…not my usual fare, it’s primarily antiques, and they brought in some crafters, too, but I’m not against trying different things, and it’s a most worthy cause.

July 9-10th- Infinity Con (Lake George Forum)

Jul 11th- Troy Public Library, puppet gig at 6:30 pm.

Aug 1- East Greenbush Library, puppet gig at 10 am

Aug 2- Colonie Town Library, puppet gig at 2:30, 2 shows (yes, puppeteering on my birthday, but not like there isn’t an entire weeks’ worth of drinking to do still)

Ummm, think that’s it for now?  Little busy already, but somehow, I will cram some pure fun into there, also, like the billions of excellent movies coming out this year.  And some sushi.  And I encourage any and all to come out and participate or spectate.  Updates as they happen, and again…

Books on Amazon, prints on Etsy under Boz Prints!

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