And they wonder why…

Banks.  People mostly hate them.  And every so often, they’ll put up a commercial with why we should love them.  Well, HAHAHAAHHAHAA!

If I set foot in a bank once every six months, that’s amazing.  And in those cases, I do set foot inside, because let’s face it, the drive-through is embarrassing for short people.  To reach the Chute of Joy I have to either open my door, or hang half my body out the window.  Then I fumble to get the Supertube open…probably the closest the tellers get to cable on the job.

I go in Saturday with a check to deposit (I also don’t trust leaving deposits in the ATM).  There is a line halfway to the door, and ONE teller on.  So, I’m supposed to be thrilled that they have Saturday hours, when it means I get to stand there for 45 minutes?  Granted, when the line finally got to me, a flock of tellers appeared.  I guess they all take their breaks at the same time for that “weekend worker” bonding thing.

And while they weren’t relevant this weekend, I will mention a few more things about banks I hate.  Convenience?  Use your debit card?  Use the ATM?  BAM!  Fees for every convenience.  Oh, so you’ll write checks instead?  Ok, you can write 6…and then BAM!  Fees for every one you write over and above.

And if you write enough and your account dips below some random amount, BAM!   Fees for not keeping your balance where we said to!

Plus I don’t know about other banks, but in the name of security, MY bank treats me like a borderline criminal.  Deposit a check to big for their liking?  (And I’m not talking something nuts like I won the lottery…I’m talking about my paycheck, back before I had direct deposit, with was stamped with a company name, and actually said payroll on it, and gosh, I had one every two weeks…go figure?).  Had to get manager approval and blah blah blah, wow, the crap I heard.  Never mind that I’ve had an account there since effing college (started a checking account then so I would be able to buy books).  I have no issue showing ID to get cash back, but the drill I’ve gone thru to deposit money, be it a loan proceed or a check from insurance…just waiting on the mug shot, folks.

Finalize that with crappy rates and bailouts, and it’s time to put the cash in the mattress again, peeps.

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