Happy Weekend.

The check came, 2 days after I fired off that email.  Or 2 days after I got the response.  Either way, hehe, yippee!

For your entertainment pleasure, here is THE most Assinine Thing of the Week:

I come home today to a letter from Key Bank.  Hrrph?  I don’t have dealings with Key Bank.  My car loan is through Toyota Financial.  Open it up and read it.  Because a loan hasn’t been paid in a long time, they are making no effort to collect it.

What loan, you ask?  The loan my father had on his boat!  Yes, I speak of a mess that happened in…wait for it…1996.

He bought a boat before he died.  After he died, wtf am I supposed to do with a boat?  Not wanting to deal with it (it was stored at Gabrys), I continued paying on the loan.  That was for maybe a year and a half?  Before I found out, LO, Gabry sold the boat.  Did he tell me?  Nope.  Did he tell the people he sold it to that there was a lien on it?  Nope.  In short, it was a highly illegal, bag-of-dicks move, and I only got pulled in when he realized he would HAVE to deal with me if he wanted the title and registration.  It escalated until finally, I met the buyers.   He sold the boat in October.  I found out, and this all came to light, in April, since the buyers were looking to get ready to put her in the water.  How did I meet the buyers, you ask?

Their lawyer was my lawyer’s son.  Oh, provenance! HAHA.

Again, I’ll shorten it.  I gave the State Police a 4-page deposition.  The guy was brought up on 14 counts, across multiple states (he did this to other people).  I never got a dime, because I was too far down on a massive list of creditors, but my lawyer did send a letter in the attempt, and we notified the Attorney General.  Thing is, while this was going on, I was dealing with someone at Key Bank, explaining all of it, and HE forgave the loan.

So….I found it amusing.  Key Bank isn’t looking for anything (and I called to be sure), and the girl told me they sent out a ton of those letters.  Dude, really?  Glad they got nothing more productive to do than notify people that their 20-year old loans are forgiven.


There.  Happy weekend, warm loving weather coming soon!

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