Getting mad, but still polite…

So here is the email I just zipped off to Java’s.


Just checking in to see if my check has been mailed yet?

In all honesty, I’m feeling as if I’ve gotten a runaround. I asked for a list of who bought what, so I could distribute the purchased works. I did not get any information until 2/15, and that was nothing more than names and prices amounts. Fortunately I was able to find the people on my own and ask them which piece they bought, so I could get it into their hands. Still, it was almost 3 weeks after the show closed. I feel this could have adversely affected my reputation. If someone I hadn’t already known had purchased a work, what would I have done, with no contact info or idea on what piece they bought? I thought that was why I supplied a list of titles and prices.

It was also 2/15 when I was told my check would be in the mail “within a few business days”. It is now March. Is there any kind of update on this?

Thank you in advance

Carol Bosselman

I think that’s relatively civil still.  I don’t FEEL very civil right now.  And believe me, if I have to send another email, I will forego civility.  What a shame, I finally get my work shown, and this is what comes of it.  I already have a hard time selling myself.  This only makes me doubly shy of approaching any sort of venue.  I assume they treat performers better, since I know people who have gone back repeatedly.

I’ve been feeling a bit defeated of late.  Yeah, probably winter depression.  But I had higher hopes for everything, I think, and it seems like there’s always that encouraging head of steam (here it comes, here it comes, here we go….) and then my air gets taken away and the sails go flat.  No, I’m not giving up, but I feel pretty half-hearted about everything lately.  And money being painfully tight…can I do Infinity Con?  Not looking good, and $150 is more than reasonable.  Can I have a cube devoted to my book at the Book Expo for the whole weekend in Chicago?  Much as I would adore that and the publicity would be phenomenal, $149 is out of my reach these days.

Really makes me feel small and pathetic.

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One thought on “Getting mad, but still polite…

  1. You are anything but small or pathetic. You are making your dreams happen and thats hard and small and pathetic people will get in your way. But don’t ever let them convince you that you are anything less than amazing!

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