This year so far…

Sharing my plans.

Although I’ve noticed a decline in folks checking out this page.  Looks like people prefer my raving and ranting to my pushing my work.  I’ll try to find a better balance.  (I don’t really understand why people think I’m funny when I’m angry.)

The push:  get The Scale Tips Dark.  Really.  It’s a cool book.  The 2nd Trials of a Demon Prince, I find it borders between horror and fantasy.  I want your opinions.  Get it, read it, post a review.  Reviews are LIFEBLOOD to authors.  There are hundreds of sites that will help you promote your book, but did you know most of them require you to have a certain number of reviews before they’ll touch you?

The rant:  So, at a friend’s advice, I joined a FB for adult coloring.  Yeah, those coloring books that are now legion in craft stores and Amazon.  Mostly, they’re cool.  I don’t color because all my time is sucked up with writing, sculpting, and drawing (and for the drawing, I have a preference for black and white, same with my taste in photography).  And do you know what?  There’s DRAMA on the page!  I joined cause I thought, well, hey maybe these folks might like my art, some of it could be colored, and I have no issues if people want to print it out and color it.  And I like to get ideas, and just browse and see what others have come up with; some folks have a real talent and eye for color.

DRAMA!  Seriously, in the past 2 days, I’ve seen more squabbling and nonsense over shit like recommending one medium over another (brand X pencils versus brand Z crayon blah blah blah)…and the topper…


(Yeah, I paraphrased.  Sue me)  Really?  You can’t take criticism?  I could understand if someone was just tearing your work apart and it bordered on a personal attack (but it’s the internet, and trolls and assholes shall always abide here), but plain old criticism?  Like “maybe purple would have worked here” or “here’s a tip to better blend your colors”?  Jesus Pleazus, you must be of the “every kid gets a trophy” generation.  Criticism helps us grow.  Helps us learn.  It expands us.  It is most often given with intent to help.  Given in the right vein, criticism is a tool for growing and communicating and teaching.

Stop being babies and suck it up.  And yes, that even means if you don’t like my books, and post a bad review, hey, it’s cool  If I’m doing something wrong, I want to know.  If it’s just a personal slam, keep it to yourself.

See? I circled back to the sell!  HAHAHAAAAAA!

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