Happy 2016/TWEEEEEEE!

Happy New Year!

2015 for me was pretty good.  2016 will be better.

I have some Cons on my plate already, including an excursion to Syracuse in May.  There are a buttload of AWESOME looking movies coming out (let’s see…Deadpool, Xmen Apocalypse, Capt America Civil War, to name a few…oh, Dr. Strange, too, I think).  New friendships have become quite cemented, my attitude is healthier and I surround myself with more positive people, as well as re-establishing old ties.

Let’s dive into this year together, and overcome stupid shit like the media trying to divert us from real issues, and politicians scrambling for who can say the dumbest, most offensive quote this week.  Oh, yeah, a leap year, too!

Read more books, stretch your brain.  Be more observant; sometimes the little things I see in nature can be upliting (a hawk, a rainbow, ice on tree branches, the pink and purple in the sunset…and remember the days are now getting longer!)

Buy my prints on Etsy!  Ok, don’t, but buy something for yourself.  Maybe once a month.  Don’t love someone on Valentine’s Day; love them always.  Winter is cold; warm someone’s heart today with a kind gesture.  Burn a candle or some incense to soothe yourself.  Your shows are coming back: embrace the old favorites, but don’t devote too much time to television; instead use it as a vehicle to open new ideas for your own creations.


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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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