Another Weekend in the Books

In the books?  For the books?  With the books?

Reception done and over, and man, what a joy.  Yeah, my calves are killing me.  Price of a Saturday evening puppeteering and a Sunday evening in heels.  Yes, me.  Heels, and a dress.  Surely, there is a meteor to follow, right?

Oh, I will add, too, that the Winter Walk was a success.  I really do enjoy these events.  And this one was particularly nice because it was like fifty plus degrees and even if it hadn’t been, we stayed inside all night, alternating with other performers.  Outside of one quick stroll down Main St since we got there early.

Kudos to Roger the Jester, btw.  If you ever get a chance to check him out, he’s a freakin’ delight.  Funny as hell.  I don’t know if he does private parties or just public events, but he’s on Facebook and also at (although that site doesn’t look as if it’s been updated in a while).

Back to the reception.  Lots of books sold (yay, cause those are heavy).  Art sold.  Yay!  And just a wonderful evening surrounded by friends and love and appreciation…how can you go wrong?

A reminder for those interested: some of the art is up on Etsy under Bozprints.  And I hope to have pictures from the reception soon; a couple of very skilled photog friends were there clicking away!

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