Weekend Forthcoming

Show goes up Saturday. I hope I’m ready. I hope people like it. I hope I have a spare minute to think.

Victorian Stroll Sunday, always enjoyable. Usually cold. As in, stupid cold.

Thoughts on California. Once again, victims become nameless numbers as gun arguments take center stage. My thoughts? I got nothing against people having guns, with the proper checks, but I have to wonder if more folks carrying would make such a situation better or worse. Bad enough to have 3 assholes shooting. Now toss in 5 or 6 shooting back. Are they trained? Do they actually know how they would react in that kind of a situation? I sure don’t. I like to think I’d be heroic, but more likely I’d be cowering in a puddle of my own urine.

I am just sickened at how these things have ramped up our hatred towards each other. And politicians and the media feed off it, and encourage it, and propogate more. They don’t need guns to take us over. All they need to do is spout key phrases and we turn on each other like rabid bitches.

Sound a little conspiracy theory? Yeah, but I’m a die-hard cynic with a deep mistrust of authority. Power corrupts. Absolutely.

Ugh, remember, this is a happy, if exhausting weekend, coming upon me.

Cheers, here’s to muddling through that one more Friday!

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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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