Reversal of Fortune (ie…Yippee!)

It is official.

Art goes up at Java’s Dec 5th in the AM (a Saturday).  Very excited, I haven’t changed what I was planning to hang, even tho that art manager is gone and the new one hasn’t seen any of my work.  Both drawings and puppets will be there and available for sale.  I think I will leave a copy of each book, too….a lot of the artwork is based on Undead Oz.

Skip on over to Amazon and pick up a copy if you haven’t already.  Oz is a fast read, and light and fun. and an entirely different take on the original story (both Baum’s and MGM’s, although I love both and consider it homage).  Break is a fun start to a new epic fantasy series, too, and get it now so you’ll be ready for the second installment when it comes out in February.

Next up: Dec 13th is a Sunday, and between 5-7 Java’s is holding a reception/book signing.  Coffee and light refreshments (light fruits and veggies) will be served, and I would LOVE to see folks there, so….open invite (yes, it’s open to the public, too!).

Exciting, my first show ever, and I’m thrilled and terrified.  Well, a lot of you know me personally and how tweaky and paranoid I get during these things.

Lastly, anyone who follows other things I do:  puppeteering confirmed at the Troy Victorian Stroll Dec 6th 12-5 (a Sunday), and at the Valatie Winter Walk (we’ll actually be doing the Frog Prince)…not sure of the time on that, I think it’s 5-8?  It’s Dec 12th, the Saturday night before the reception.

Yep, Valatie Winter Walk, home of the Children of the Corn Christmas greeter:


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