Flashback and Etsy reminder

First up, if you haven’t checked out and liked my Etsy shop, please do so.  I added the magnets to it (I made more, too).  I don’t have high expectations from it, but figured it’s another way to keep myself out there, right?


What’s interesting, though, is that tonight I also found another portfolio, and was blown away but what was in it.  Stuff from high school, stuff from college, stuff from my early days with Masque Theater.

I tell people I’ve been working on “Trials” since high school, and there were a load of illustrations to prove it (and its sort of neat to see how the characters have progressed…overall, not too much change, maybe my sense of proportion is just better).  Also a ton of doodles of Rocky Horror; clearly this was when I was addicted and performing.  Some of them are caricatures and I gotta say, came out pretty good.  Found a couple of short stories; started to read one, and I have NO memory of writing it.  I’ll finish tomorrow (they’re hard to read, they were done on a crappy typewriter and clearly the ribbon needed changing).

I also found the coloring book I designed for Masque’s production of The Hobbit (like….1995?},  I found another one I did for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (performed both at Siena, and at the Lakehouse that summer, I don’t recall who asked me to or when  or why I did the coloring book).  I found set sketches and the program from the Importance of Being Ernest (Masque again, going way back, when we were still out of the RPI Chapel).

And several pages of “Break” done graphic-novel style.  Whoa.  I knew I’d experimented with it, but I found more completed pages than I realized I’d ever done.  And really, for someone who never ever studied or learned HOW to do a comic, they ain’t too shabby.  Sadly, they seem to have taken some water damage, but nonetheless, they are keepers.

Coming within the next couple days: my show at Java’s.  Books on order, for whenever the signing/reception gets scheduled.

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