Vegas Behind!

What fun!  Too bad I’m sick now.  Don’t know what it is, Halloween all my screaming and yelling and excitement earned me a sore throat (and I’m sad, I don’t want to have that “reformed smoker” attitude, but certain cigarettes were really, really irritating me, one brand, anytime my friend was near me with it, the throat was immediately irritated, so I think that contributed a lot to this).  I’m congested, both nose and chest, and the cough is dry and painful.

So what, though.  I’m off this week, I’ll recover.  Halloween was TOPPED OUT!


Even with the two neighbors at the end of the street not participating, we had an estimated total of about 8000 pass through.  Sounds right to me; at one point I was manning the candy station at Lynn’s (everyone gives out candy but most of them also set their garages up as mini-haunted houses) and for a solid hour and a half, the line went down the block.


Jeff across the street had the most awesome setup, but he always does. And ours (Lynn’s) is generally really popular, too.


Because clowns belong in cages, don’t they?

Now to settle down and work on other things:  sending copies of my book to another author in exchange for his, and getting my work ready to hang Sunday.

I’ll put up another post as we get closer, but Sunday begins my art show at Java’s.  WHEEEEE!

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