Up next:  Vegas for Halloween!  Always fun, and more importantly, seeing some people I love, that I haven’t seen in 2 years.  Listen, as you get older, it may sound morbid but you don’t know when you’ll see those people again, and you have to grab every opportunity and make it count.  The fact that it’s Vegas, and my favorite holiday, and a whopping party, are all bonuses.

If you ever go to Vegas, btw, I highly recommend Fremont St.  I could be content to roam up and down listening to the live music and watching the videos overhead the entire time.

Live Music

Then I come back and a week later, it’s Art at Java’s.  Namely, my art (wheeeeeee).  I’m off the week in between, and that won’t be a vacation, I’m sure, as I figure out how best to hang and present everything.  I would love to see everyone there at some point.  I don’t know when the reception will be, but there will be one, combined with a signing (I think both books but with the concentration on Undead Oz, as that’s what the bulk of the artwork represents).

Lastly, as we come into my least favorite season, remember to keep a joyous frame of mind.  You know what I do?  Little Spirit, the cat, is so out of control most days, but in my head, I remember, he loves me, and whatever he does, he does for attention, and above all, when I look at him, I see a sense of wonder that I can only wish I still had.

Try to recapture it.  I try.  See things for the first time again, and be amazed.

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