Comic Con in the Books!


Nice picture of my puppets on display courtesy of Thom, somehow they’ve turned into a miniature Carnival of Creepy, and I love it.

Oz sales were good, again, how lucky I got that the books arrived well in advance of Amazon’s guestimate of 10/13.  And the prints are taking off, notably the Zodiac line (and I have to admit, while I’m normally incredibly critical of my own work, most of these far exceeded my expectations; I can’t wait for them to be shown at Java’s!)


Cancer and Taurus are runaway favorites so far.  I also realized that a few of them never got scanned, so I’ve had no prints available.  Maybe I’ll take care of that this week.  And maybe I’ll hammer out setting up a shop on Etsy.


Notice Baphomet doesn’t hang with the other puppets.  A.  He doesn’t play well with others.  B.  He’s not for sale, unless someone makes an incredibly lucrative offer.  I don’t foresee that happening.  People love the puppets, I’ve found, but don’t want to pay for them.  As soon as I say, “They start at $60…”  that’s it.  But I’m not going lower.  I’m done selling myself short.  There is a crazy amount of work in each one.  Hell, some people will pay hundreds of dollars for a handmade quilt, but not $80 for a handmade, fully -functioning marionette?  Ok, granted, quilts are more practical (although if you paid hundreds for one, I’m betting you didn’t get it for everyday use).  Still, I expect someday I’ll find the right target for them.  I just don’t want to sell them online.  I would be terrified of their safety during shipping.

Lastly, next up: New York Comic Con.  This is strictly a pleasure trip.  Oct 8th (thru 11th, I’m just going Thursday).  All days sold out.  Sean Bean, Kevin Smith, Natalie Dormer, Felicia Day…be still my heart!


And if you’re searching for the books, my author page can link you to either one, in either format.

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