Up Next: Albany Comic Con

Albany Comic Con is my favorite show to do, by far.  Ok, I haven’t done a whole lot to compare it to, but still.  Not like I’m going to San Diego or Dallas anytime soon, unless someone is up for donating airfare and a hotel room (and would I say no?  Probably not.  I have pride, but I’m not an idiot).


At $10 for tickets, its one of the cheapest Cons around.  And while I always enjoy the Upper Madison Fair, there’s something to be said for being indoors.  All right, there’s a lot to be said for being indoors.  No wind, no sunburn, no bugs.


So many cool costumes!  Dozens of Harley Quinns (love her with the sledge), and Deadpools, and Spideys and Thors and Batmans and Links….


And minions!  And books and artwork and puppets and maybe some jewelry.  Not so much Oz, though, down to 4 copies left.  I ordered more, but they won’t arrive in time (I’ll still need them for the signing at Java’s eventually)


Anyway, Oct 4th (a Sunday)…show up or blow up!  10-5, dvr that big game.  And do what I do, find out the score and wipe it if they lose.

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