As Autumn Starts

First, a random kindness today.  Placed my usual order at Dunkin, there is a car in front of me.  When I get the the window, the guy holds up my coffee and says, “Today’s your lucky day!”  The person ahead of me bought my breakfast!  He also told me I was the big winner because there was no one behind me.  Well, it may not be tomorrow, or Thursday, but at some point, I will indeed pay it forward.  These little things help so much, to keep us in touch with each other as people.  Stupid politicians, random killings, assorted hateful statements and outright lies…these are the things we hear about every day.  The little touches of gentility get passed over.  Let’s keep them in the back of our mind and practice them…completely at random.

Second, Upper Madison went pretty well.  Other than the fiendish sunburn, that is.  Some book sales and print sales, gave out a vast quantity of biz cards and bookmarks, even had some inquiries about commissions.  Oh, and some yum empanadas from a church group beside us.  (Yes, they put me next to a church group.  Stranger things have happened.  Like Roswell.)

And finally, up next is Albany Comic Con.  Always an incredible event, can’t wait!

Looks like, from the Facebook page, vendors will not be in the Phoenix room this year, but upstairs; they’ve taken over the entire ballroom, giving them 35% more space.

Wow, so excited!!!  Hope to see all your lovely faces there, costumed or otherwise!

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