Cars Suck

They don’t, really.  Not too much.  If you can afford them.  They can actually be enjoyable.  I do like driving.

But I’ve put $1600 into my car since March.  And now, in early September, I have to cough up another $1500.

So generally as technology is around longer and longer, prices come down.  What did VCRs cost when they first came out?  DVD players?  Blurays, desktops, laptops, tablets?  Microwaves?  Most things that have been around a while have dropped considerably in price.

But vehicles, and their makers, are still out to screw you.  Car prices creep up, not down.  Maybe there are better financing deals out there, but make no mistake, the overall price has shot up.  Gas has gone up.  Oh, right, it’s down from nearly $4 a gallon, but it’s nowhere near where it was at what, $1.60 or so, like 10 years ago.  And commercials have brainwashed us to rethink mpg.  I actually had someone say to me about his truck, “So I got 27 miles to the gallon.  That’s not too bad.”

Dude, that’s AWFUL.  And that was highway driving.

The parts have gone up.  Labor has gone up.  And car makers have rigged vehicles to be harder and harder to fix on your own.  You can’t access anything (neither can they without hours and hours, but hey, that vindicates their assinine labor charges).  Everything associated with car ownership is ridiculously expensive, but there are a lot of areas where you NEED a car.

And then I get hit with this.  Well, let’s see.  I live paycheck to paycheck for the most part.  My savings are pretty minimal.  I have no family to go to for financial help.  I have no spouse.  My friends are mainly in the same boat, and I would never ask them anyway.  My credit is mediocre to poor, so I don’t have credit cards spilling out my ass.  Also, I live alone, and most of my friends don’t live very close, so this stupidly expensive repair means I have to lose work for a day, because I have no way to get to and from if you hold my car all day.

So when you quote me this repair (which I need for my inspection, meaning I am doubly screwed), don’t nod knowingly and go, “Oh, I know.  I know, it’s hard.”  Because you DON’T know.  I’m pretty sure you have NO idea.

Anyone want to donate?  I have Paypal…we could do a kickstarter.  Donate and get some random lint out of my backseat?  Or some leftover piece of my jack shit engine.  Hyundai’s first doorstops, available here only.

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