Fantacon 2015

Joy, because it was fun, and I had some sales, and got my artwork out there.


There were some great guests…



Sadly, it was underattended.  I mean by a lot.  Saturday was slow, and we chalked some of that up to “well, it’s the Travers and American Pharoah is running” or “the weather is nice, people are outside”.  But then Sunday was deader than dead.  I still consider it a useful investment.  I may see ebooks from it, or web traffic, and I sure pushed my upcoming show at Professor Java’s.  But outside of a FB page, looks like there was minimal advertising, and for a show that was gone for as long as it was, serious press bombardment was needed.  This had such potential!  When it comes around again, be it one year or two, I’m not sure I will participate.  It didn’t really prove to be lucrative.  But I’m not flat-out saying no, either.  Maybe next time, I’ll ask point-blank what the attack for advertising will be.

Irregardless, my minions ROCK my world, we had crazy fun, and some wonderful blasts from my past showed up!  And we feasted upon sushi, and I had my first Smashburger, and made my first excursion to Trader Joe’s!


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