Random Thoughts on vacation

(No, I didn’t go anywhere.  I’m trying to organize more artwork, and create more artwork, and publicize Break, and get reading done, including reading to give out some reviews, and work on my NCTI course, and write a rework of Simon Festus, and progress on book 3….wait…vacation?  What?)

1.  What gives, Vermont?  Vermont, I love you, but what’s up with the fly fishing fascination?  One of my favorite stores is long gone (/sniffle…Jelly Mill) and is now some sort of Fly Fishing emporium.  A tiny bit further up the road: the fly fishing museum.  And after that, I started noticing fly fishing things in like every shop.  Is Vermont the fly fishing capital of the world?  Are there tournaments on Outdoor Life all filmed in Vermont?  Sponsored by LL Bean and prizes donated by Cabela’s?  It just seems weird…Vermont is known for mountains moreso than lakes or rivers.  Maybe there are loads of trout in those shimmering mountain streams.

2.  Trivia.  I love trivia.  I used to play NTN when it was at all the bars.  Now’s its….Buzztime?  But I still love it.  And I love the accumulation of all this absolutely useless, yet impressive, knowledge I seem to suck up.  My strong points are science and literature and the arts.  Some history.  (I’ve noticed as I got older, history which was boring in school is now fascinating.  Maybe because this time no one’s forcing me to remember the actual year, which means for no apparent reason, now I do remember it).  Music, not really, because I only listen to Metallica.  Geography?  Forget it.  Anyways, I love our preoccupation with showing off our otherwise less-than-helpful facts.  All the crap on cable, channels into the thousands…where the heck is the Trivia Channel?

I’ll keep it short; I have work to do and you have sunny weather to catch.  Get away from the computer and go outside with a book!

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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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