Not Sorrowful (Except for the stupidity involved)

I posted this on Facebook, but man, I gotta share it with a bigger audience.  This happened Wednesday morning.  Yes, it really happened.

How this morning started: At Dunkin, in the drive-thru. The drive-thru comes out in an alley, which is one-way. You MUST turn left. And, right there, plastered on a fence, is a huge sign that says: NO RIGHT TURN ONE-WAY. So, the dumb twat ahead of me turns right. I pull up to the window, thinking oh, well, wrong way, brilliant, and the nice DD girl hands me my coffee and as I’m waiting for my wrap, I see Dumb Twat backing up. Like….right towards me. She stops within a RCH of my bumper, then goes forward, then back again. Clearly, instead of just sucking it up that she went the wrong way, she is going to compound her error by turning this ginormous vehicle around in the alley.

And then boop….hits me. Just a tap, but hey, you’ve already given me a load of evidence that you’re dumb, so I jump out of the car, dropping F-bombs like raindrops, and check my bumper, and she’s blissfully ignoring me, STILL trying to work her way through a 45-point turn. No damage, but I gotta make my presence known, so I go up to her window (or as close as I dared, cause she still hadn’t stopped trying to turn the Abyssal Caravan) and yell HEY! YOU HIT ME!!!! So then she gets all flustered and throws her hands in the air….and sits there So I look at my bumper again, then walk back and I’m talking to the girl in the drive-thru window. Yeah, holding up a bunch of other cars, but they can all see the idiocy happening…none of them are about to take me on. And I’m told Dumb Twat does this EVERY DAY. Turns right, then attempts to turn around, Sometimes she picks a fight with the person on the window. She’s just flat out nasty.

I let her sit there like five more minutes and she’s looking at me with these huge eyes, and finally she goes, “Is it all right? Is there damage?” I looked at her and said, “Get the fuck out of here.” LOL and she did. (and if you know that drive-thru, after her 62-point turn, she clipped the friggin’ house, too).

The stupidity was bad enough.  I think what truly infuriated me was that she was so self-absorbed that she never got out of her SUV.  Didn’t look at my car for damage, didn’t look at her vehicle for damage.  Didn’t apologize.  Didn’t offer any information.  (Well, okay, if you hit me before I’ve had my coffee, you wouldn’t want me knowing where you live, either, I suppose).  Stupid is somewhat forgivable, but the rest is just plain rude.

Sadly, she’s probably bred more like her.

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