The Week So Far…

I stole that from Supernatural, you know.  “The road so far…”

I purpled my finger.  Like PURPLE.  And my friends try to be helpful; it’s adorable, because I said I didn’t know what I did.  Some said splinter?  Spider bite?  Broken?  (The skin isn’t broken.  Never seen a spider bite turn everything purple; they’re usually a bump with the bite in the middle.  Broken, I think it would be bigger, yellower, and unmoving, although I supposed a hairline fracture wasn’t out of the question.)  Diagnosis:  broken blood vessel.  Well, see, I knew that.  That’s the definition of a bruise.  What I meant was: I didn’t remember what I did that caused such a horrific bruise.  I haven’t had one that bad in…like…ever.

And I’ve had some bad bruises.  In my Rocky Horror days…well, if you’ve seen the movie, you know there are a couple scenes where Frank flat out runs.  He chases Rocky in the lab; after dinner, he chases Janet.  And in playing Frank, I ran full out, often slamming into seats and doorways.  The next day, I’d get into the shower, and lo, look at all the bruises!  I suddenly became an ocelot.

BUT…I digress (a lot, generally).  How did I assplode that blood vessel in my finger?  Carrying a wicked heavy tote bag.  With books! To a bookstore!

There are now a couple of signed copies of both books here.  What a fun store!  Books and toys, and some super cool vintage collectibles, in very good shape.  It’s a small store, yet there is enough to constantly catch your eyes!  I recommend checking them out.  Their FB page is below:

They also sell on Amazon, but that isn’t nearly as fun as popping in, especially with First Fridays in full force.  Heck, stop in, pick up some books, then head a block over and hit the Madison Grille, and knock back some of the Van Gogh Double Espresso vodka.

OMG, why did I have to go there on a work night?  (The drink reference…I needs some of that vodka!)


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