Look to the Future

Comic Con under my belt, and next up:  Fantacon!  And that’s a 2 day sprawl, so I should be good and wiped after that.

I don’t know what other shows may be coming up that I’d be interested in.  I mean, I’m on a vendor page, and wow, do I not belong there.  Everyone is all part of some big hostess sort of company, like Party Lite or Pampered Chef or Origami Owl (I never heard of them til I got on that page, I had to look up what they sell, cause I was fairly sure it wasn’t origami.)  As you can guess, I pretty much never post in that group.  Clearly, I am not of their ilk, and I almost feel like I wouldn’t be welcome there.  I might be wrong; maybe I would be accepted, at least by some, but as they all do things so differently, there is very little in common other than we all want to see a profit.  They have sales goals, and they try to rope other people in to being sales reps, and they can get easily screwed over if an event doesn’t pay close attention and contracts out to multiple people selling the same stuff.

I’m a dirty little indie crafter/artist, but my stuff is unique.  Sales goals this early in my career?  Make back the booth rental.  I answer to me!  Er, and the event organizer, but you get my drift.

IMG-20131213-00264 mayan



Are you going to see any of the above anywhere else?  I think not.  Particularly the puppets, and while I am easily my own worst critic, I gotta admit, I love my pups!

Anyway, if you know of any shows coming up that my stuff might be a good fit for, let me know.

I’d love to do the Renaissance Festival next weekend at Indian Ladder Farms, but holy crow, $250 for the space rental?  For an event I’d never even heard of until this year?  Just a tad prohibitive.  And I would have to supply my own tent.  I mean, I do love fantasy, and it’s sort of a fit, but damn, that’s a lot.

I’ll stick with the Cons, thanks.

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