I stressed for nothing.  I sold both books and artwork, and handed out an amazing amount of bookmarks and biz cards (I think quite a few people may go and get Kindle versions of the books, too).  I didn’t sell any puppets, but they certainly caught eyes.  I even got a few compliments on my drawing skills, including comments about my line work.  /SUPERGRIN!  I feel so much better than I did last night.

And I made good contacts.  Flipside Gaming; might hook up with them to do something.  Saw some snazzy ideas to create better, sturdier, and space-efficient displays.  Saw an incredible Ironman (he won the costume contest, he even LOOKED like Robert Downey Jr).  Met a neat Spidey.  The Penguin (there is a pic of him)


…eh, not gonna cut anyone short, there were loads and loads of wonderful, innovative costumes.  There were dangerous, lovely shiny things (I was particularly drawn to some steampunk pretties) but I was a good girl and didn’t buy.  I messed with the tablet, even processed a credit card payment, and later tonight, started putting inventory into it and added the sales tax function.

And the sugar-free frosting on the cake?  (Bad analogy; I’ve never actually liked cake.  The cream in the coffee?)  In my purse is a contract for the next one, on Oct 4th.

That should be a crazy time, considering we’re going to NYCC on Oct 8th.

But what a great day, and thanks to my friends for their love and help and support!

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