Comic Con Eve

And I should be chillaxin’, right?

No, I decided to throw myself into a frenzy of trying to remember how to use polyshrink, and I’m making pins.And fretting, and sweating.  Some Paranormal Activity in the background (hey, I liked those movies, even as they got more and more outlandish).  I watched Through The Never earlier, because Metallica always soothes me.

It didn’t soothe me enough.  I’m totally tweaked out.  I won’t lie; I do it to myself.  I even considered a beer or two, or some Seagrams, too soothe me further, but then that’ll make getting up at some asstacular hour even harder.

Well, send good vibes.  Stop by, buy a book, or a magnet, or one of the little pins I’m cooking up (literally).

Published by azbaelus

Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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