Yeah, I guess.  But I’m pretty sure it will come to nothing, which is the only reason I’m brave enough to do it.  I have some shows coming up….really exciting ones!  Albany Comic Con and Fantacon (and holy moly, I’ve followed Fantacon on and off since my D&D in high school days!)  Anyhows, it’s not real cheap to do these things, at least not at startup.  Sure, after a year or two, it’ll be good, but right now, there’s so much I need, and I’ll barely have the money to have some books in stock.

So, a few things I need.  Donate them?  Give them to me as bithday gifts?  Point and giggle?

Tables.  I’d like 2, but even one to start with.  The six footers that fold in the middle.  Other folding tables are welcome, too, for various display pieces like the Ozopoly board, if I ever get a chance to make it.  And the castle cutaway design for displaying puppets….if I ever get a chance to make it.  And folding chairs.

Oh, and a hand truck.

Should I make a banner?  I was thinking one based on the Break cover.  But that’s money, I guess.  And I’m not really sure what I’d make it out of or what I’d hang it on.  Good idea, though; I need something to catch peoples’ eye.

In that vein, I’d like to get a tshirt or three made up with that design, too.  Yeah, again, that’s a money thing and falls to me.  And picking a site.  Cafe Press had a nifty design thing on theirs, but the price of one shirt was sort of pricey.  And another site confused me with too many shirt options.  Men’s, women’s, men’s baseball, women’s V neck, blah blah blah.  Beer, please.

Bags and boxes.  Shit, I need bags.  I got some small ones at AC Moore.  Now I sorta wish I still got the Oriental Trading Company catalogs.  Those are great for that sort of thing.  I’ll check their site, too.  Goddammit, that’s another money thing.

Copies of both books.  On hand, to sell, to sign.  To prop my coffee on.  That’s what a coffee table book is, right?  Ok, again, that’s money.  Oh, I mean, yeah, order them for me if you like, but I do get them at a discounted rate.

Ok, so unless people give me cash, this was a bust.  Although it did help me organize my thoughts, briefly, as to what I still need.

Or you could donate tables and chairs.  Sometimes it gets really crowded at bingo, and you can slip those things out unnoticed.  B 13!!!  WE HAVE A WINNER!

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