To the Oz release party, 5/30.  Madison Grille in Albany you had BETTER be there!

To Albany Comic Con.  You had BETTER be there!

Well, those are the biggies, but let’s also start more countdowns:

1.  Football season.  Well. preseason.  It’s football.  Hey, I get to missing football so badly that the one year I actually watched Vince McMahon’s league.  Yep, with player names like He Hate Me, and quick bios on cheerleaders like Bipsy the Baton Twirler.  Yeah, you can only imagine how I was jonesing to lower myself to that.  The World League was slightly better.  I even adopted the Barcelona Dragons as my team to root for.  Now, I’m ashamed to ask if that league even still exists.

2. Birthday.  Actually, I don’t care that much.  In fact,this is the big half a century, which is painful.  But I like to think I’ll get sushi in there.  And steak, another night.  And alcohol.  I know, not like I actually wait for a birthday for that.  I don’t even wait for a weekend for that.

3.  NYCC.  The NYC Comic Con, as in, the BIG ONE.  I am watching and waiting and the moment those tix go on sale, POUNCE!

4.  Ren Faire.  I didn’t make it down last year, first time in a while, and that ain’t gonna happen again.  Maybe I’ll hit it twice.  Or three times.  And maybe I’ll hit the one out by Lake Ontario, cause it’s nice out there, too, just not as large.

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