Some really blatant booboos

By now you know I’m a bit of a spelling fiend.  Grammar, too, though not so much.  In the past couple of months, some of the mistakes I’ve seen in books would just make the Baby Webster cry.  And I don’t mean an occasional mistake here and there.  I mean something used repeatedly, over and over, spelled wrong every single time.

Passed.  You don’t walk passed someone.  It’s past.

Reigns.  What a king does, not those things that control a horse.  Learn the difference.

A  ewe bow.  I mentioned this in another blog, but cripes, it messed my head so bad, it bears repeating.  Took me a bit to realize the author meant “yew”.  I had this image of a woolly bow…

OMG.  Okay, not a spelling error, but holy crap, folks, that’s NOT A WORD.  Some authors use ‘texting’ dialogue, and while I find it annoying, well, I do understand its use.  But this author repeatedly used this as a word.  As in, a character kept saying it.  Listen, Junior, when you use it that way, spell it out.  “Oh, my God!”  Otherwise, I think you’re 13.

Shelia.  I’ve seen this used as a name, and I hate it, because I never know if it’s intentional, or if someone is misspelling “Sheila”.

Heard him smirk.  Yes, you heard me, although I’m not smirking at the moment..  Apparently I’ve been completely wrong in what I thought a smirk was in my first 49 years of life.

That’s enough for now, because I’m tired, and tomorrow is a sushi night (YAY!) but I’m going to start jotting them down.  Some of them are one-time mistakes that are too funny to pass up (in the vein of the ewe bow, there was also a thrown room; I can only guess that the Hulk had something to do with that?)

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