O The Possibilities

Working so hard on Undead Oz, I’m hoping this book breaks through in a way Break never did (although that falls on me and my lack of time to promote it).

I have had ideas so far for puppets (and I’ll work on those this weekend), and an Ozopoly game.  Probably can’t do much with Ozopoly beyond a mockup for my own use, since I’m sure I’ll have Milton Bradley or Parker Bros all over my ass if I try to go further with it.

Lunch boxes shaped like Tinna!  Stuffed Monks…pull his string and he roars!

A bendy Rhomby!  A posable boxer bark mantis!  A chargoyle mobile to hang over the crib!

I wonder…there is Kickstarter potential here.  Anyone want to send me money and get artwork for their donation?  Be cool if the final product was an animated version of Undead Oz.  Course, a live version isn’t possible, because outside of Dawthy, they’re dead.

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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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