Check Out Oakwood

Almost spring, and almost time to do some cemetery runs, and some photography.

I recommend Oakwood in Troy.  Oddly enough, I’ve never been in the cemetery across the street.  But Oakwood has some wonderful monuments and photo opportunities (I’m partial to black and white).  There is a statue, supposedly of Jesus, but it looks like a wizard holding a patina’d ball.  There is Uncle Sam’s grave.

There is a Civil War soldier, and his story is rather sad: although from Virginia, he fought for the Union.  He was excellent, better than Sherman, but Sherman got all the promotions and recognitions (because the Union wasn’t going to recognize a General from a southern state, after all).  He died relatively unknown, and estranged from his two sisters.  I don’t remember his name; we were planning to do something similar to Spoon River Anthology, and he was someone I happened to find a story on.  I want to say Hollis, but don’t hold me to that.

Oakwood has a lovely manmade lake.  I’ve seen people fishing in it.  I kid you not.  Cooter and Cletis gittin’ dinner for the young’uns, I s’pose, and the possums were scarce.

The tomb of Russell Sage is there.  And I will tell you, the area behind it, and in the overgrown hedges alongside it, is a might hinky.  There is also a creepy not-right area behind a whopping mausoleum with Vale on it.

Oh, and get a pic of the gargoyle on the crematorium.  With the sky as a backdrop, he is a seriously cool character.

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