A Minor Rant

Forgive me if I’m crabby.  Car issues abound.  They were already abounding (that’s a word, I said so, if morons can make “conversate” a word I can use “abounding”) and then I got rearended on the way home from work Thursday.  Eh, shit happens.  They call them accidents, right?  And this guy was much nicer than the last guy who rearended me (that was…I don’t even remember.  8 years ago?  Hummer met Saturn Ion?)

Well, I just mean it’s been a stressful few days, and I’ve been headachy and stiff, although that’s easing up. So what, you ask, is she bitching about this time?

Stupidity.  Being sheeple.  Believing everything you read on the internet.  I guess if you’re content to be led around by the nose, that’s up to you.  I only ask that you do some research before you spread something as if it’s gospel.

This comes to mind because someone just posted on FB an article about some student group voting against having a flag in the lobby, and they commented “wtf”.   Maybe the group did vote against it, maybe they didn’t.  But I followed the link, and this didn’t come from any neutral news site.  It was clearly biased, ultra-Tea Party style, what I would define as “pure-D redneck ‘Murican’ journalism.  And if that’s your thing, well, more power to you.  Freedom of speech and all means we’re entitled to creating sites for opinions (isn’t this one?).  I’m just saying, don’t spread it and react as if it were the top story of the night on CNN (er, not that they’re completely unbiased, either).  Also, follow it further: the vote was vetoed and the ban reversed.

Likewise, I see postings about plastic bottles causing cancer, human meat in McDonalds, you name it.  Granted, people reposting these stories genuinely want to help.  But if you really want to help, check your facts first and don’t spread false information.

It’s amusing how many of those articles start from The Onion.

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