Something to think on

I thought of this after…well, it was either after I watched The Conjuring, or after I read the book 207.

For the unenlightened, 207 was written by a local woman who lived at 207 19th St, Watervliet, which was where RiteAid now stands.  It’s a haunting/possession true-story thing.  It’s a good read, but I have to admit, I have never felt the slightest psychic disturbance in RiteAid, ever, and generally I pick up on those things.  According to the author, and several other people, however, there is still something there.

What did I think of?  This:  how come all these true-story possession/haunting things happen to people who by their own declaration, are secure in their Christianity?  Amityville, The Haunted, 207, The Conjuring…just the tip of the pile, but when you read these, they are all devout people with crosses and Bibles all over their homes.  They go to church.  And when the going gets rough, they call in their pastor for help.

I’ve yet to read about a Jewish haunting or possession, and my Jewish friends don’t seem to have these problems.  Nor do my Pagan or Wiccan friends (or me, for that matter).  In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve never read an Episcopalian (sp?) account of a possession, but maybe I’m wrong.

Hey, I’m not mocking anyone’s religion (well, ok, I might be poking at organized religion a tiny bit) but really, why is this a common denominator in all these true stories?  Is the devil targeting Catholics?  Are Christians just easier to possess?  Or juicier?

I had to share, because I really want to know.

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One thought on “Something to think on

  1. Hey Carol! Very interesting blog. You know I’ve never been in that Rite Aid, but I’ve always had a bad feeling about it. I did drop a friend off once and he went in to pick something up, and when he came out he was in a bad argument with someone. That’s all I remember, it was quite awhile ago, but I just could never go in there even tho it was a convenient stop for me. I gotta read that book . My mom is from the area, she will be interested too.
    As for the rest of your blog, regarding faith and hauntings, I’ve been in many situations where very evident hauntings are present, regardless of the religious beliefs of the occupants. I have had friends who were professional paranormal investigators who have brought me along as a “sensitive,” and can tell you that I have seen hauntings in a lot of different situations. One aquaintance of mine has his dead wife bothers him, and any woman who comes into the house…I got attacked personally. He is agnostic, very sensitive psychically, and from a German/Jewish background. I once was filming a movie in Albany and had to meet with the writer at his apartment, which was in an old house near Madison Ave. I was PHYSICALLY ATTACKED by the old man haunting the place. Apparently, this was a fairly common occurrence in the building. A lot of these situations go unreported because people are scared of being called nuts, being evicted, or making the situation worse. I think Christians tend to report it more because they think it will be some kind of “witness” for them, even tho they usually don’t get the problem solved, they usually just leave. Also, they tend to think of these things in typical Christian terms, i.e that it must be demons,(…Could it be…..SAAAAATAN.!) and often refuse to accept the idea that some souls can’t or just refuse to pass over to the other side, and sometimes need help. But rest assured, hauntings and possession (a whole other topic) happen in all cultures, around people from all belief systems.

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