Undead Oz…another blip

“It will be safe as houses once we have it,” Tinna said in a sweet, cajoling voice. “After all, we’re going to bring it back to the Wizard, and it was his to begin with, so he should have it, right?”
“Back! Opals!” bawled Monk.
“Is that why you’re traveling without your bingos? Are they back at the castle, ferociously guarding that little piece of wand?”
“Dingos,” Wollinda growled. “They are dingos.”
“BINGOS!” Monk was becoming increasingly agitated.
But so was Wollinda. “Yes, they are guarding it. I will get it to you, somehow. Are you heading back to Shattered Opals? Do you have the other three pieces? You know it’s in four pieces, don’t you? Did he tell you that? Do you have any of the other pieces?”
“We have the Lich of the West’s piece,” Dawthy piped up. Her friends were doing a wonderful job of keeping Wollinda off-balance, but she felt she did have to say something at the last. “Which is sort of why we’re in such a hurry to get out of here.”
“Indeed,” Thatcher nodded, “he’ll be sending his minions after us soon enough. Just like you have your bingos, he has his flying monkeys.”
“Chargoyles, I think they are,” Dawthy prompted.
“Dingos.” Wollinda spoke through gritted teeth. “Not bingos.”
“HOT! AIR! BABOONS!” shouted Monk. For a moment, everyone looked at his, and he turned the most startling shade of reddish brown.

Published by azbaelus

Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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