What are you watching?

As I sit here, feeling like utter crap, all headachy and nauseous, I have the tv on in the background.  I have no desire to watch it, but I like the background noise.  It got me to thinking: who watches what?

Reality shows?  Mostly I hate them, which I’ve mentioned in other blogs.  I like the cooking ones, even tho I don’t cook.  I like the paranormal ones (but also as previously said: because they visit some incredible locations).  Face Off is kinda cool, too, and Heroes of Cosplay, if only because I’ve done makeup and theater and art.  I don’t care for the sniping and backstabbing in a lot of these shows (Hell’s Kitchen seems to have the market cornered on arrogant assholes; I love how they brag about their palates and they all smoke like chimneys).   As to bachelors, singers, dancers, rednecks, ice truckers, and all the other bizarro worlds out there….really?  Pass.

Sitcoms?  I haven’t found one in years that didn’t come across as forced.  Roseanne, I think, was the last one I watched with any regularity.  There were a few in the 80s I liked.  Cheers comes to mind.  But mostly, they seem….unreal.  Not unreal as in everything is solved in 30 or 60 minutes; that’s an acceptable level of unreal.  I mean, whether it falls on the writers or the actors, I haven’t found a sitcom where the interaction is believable.  It’s like everyone is standing around waiting for the chance to shoot off their one-liner.  That’s what I mean by forced.  It’s like a bunch of stand-ups thrown together with a super-loose plot line to tie them together, and they take turns getting their funny off.  Or else the writing is trying too hard to be “hip” (I have this issue with a lot of Disney/ABC stuff).  Hey, that’s just my opinion, and I’m sharing.  Maybe there are some really good sitcoms out there…the few I’ve checked out have yet to get even a giggle out of me.

Crime dramas or police procedurals?  Simply not my thing.  My dad loved them.

I am a die-hard for the horror, the supernatural, including (surprise)…Supernatural.  Grimm, Constantine, Agents of SHIELD, American Horror Story (although much as I love it, I have some issue with that, too, feeling that sometimes the writing veers away from being genuinely horrific and goes right for max gore and shock value).  Even when I was younger, that stuff was my speed.   Anyone remember Darkroom?  Friday the 13th the series?  Tales from the Crypt?

And lastly, drop the anti-smoking ads.  They aren’t deterring anyone.  It’s on tv and therefore not real, in the minds of most people.  All they do is disgust and sicken people who for the most part already know better.

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