Kids Do It Right

I’m not a huge fan of reality shows.  Call me a tv snob, but most of them appeal to our baser instincts, because a small part of us feeds on the lower elements of these shows.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t some I watch, or that some of them don’t have legitimately interesting factors.  I’m sure American Idol and The Voice have had some wonderful talent, but that sort of show isn’t my thing.  My guilty reality pleasures are paranormal shows (one or two, some are just assinine) and cooking shows.

The paranormal ones?  Let’s face it, they go to some really cool places, and the history is fascinating.  Castles in Ireland, historic forts, defunct sanatoriums and hospitals, and local places (Beardslee Castle and Ghosthunters, anyone?).  I love that stuff.  History in school is so dry, but brought to life like this?  Way more interesting.  I don’t really care about the lockdowns or the EMFs, because its like watching David Copperfield on TV.  It’s TV.  You can do anything on camera.  You can fake anything on camera.  But the traveloques are so worth it.

The cooking shows…I don’t cook, but I eat.  And what prompted me to blog this tonight?  Master Chef Junior.

This show is so refreshing.  I like Master Chef, I like Hell’s Kitchen.  I like the British Master Chef, too.  During Hell’s Kitchen, I walk away or fast forward over the reward part, because I don’t care. In all these shows, competition is encouraged, but so is sniping, bitching, and backbiting.  Oh, when someone leaves, there is a little token remorse, a tear or a hug, but it seldom comes off as sincere.

But Master Chef Junior?  Those kids are real.  And the adults could learn a LOT from them, and I don’t mean cooking.  Those kids don’t snipe.  They aren’t two-faced.  They recognize competition but in a healthy way.  They cheer for each other, and support each other.  And when a couple are eliminated, the sorrow is genuine.  They became friends, and now some are leaving.  They care about each other, and if that’s staged, I sure as hell can’t tell.  I think its some of the purity of youth lingering before they beome rotten burdens on society like myself.

Watch, adults.  Watch and learn.  Don’t be a soccer mom and force your kid to compete and snipe and pick fights.  Be a real mom and support your child in giving their best effort.

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