So I was thinking about winter.  Mostly I was hating on it.  I hate on it 2 months before it’s here.  And if you don’t live in the great Northeast, if you live somewhere incredibly pleasant and warm like Las Vegas or Ecuador, you can’t understand it.  The cold, the snow, the wind.  But there are a couple things I really like about winter.

1.  The nights are bright.  I don’t know why.  Because the sky is always that pearly grey color?  Or moonlight reflecting off the snow?  Whatever it is, I love it.  I’m a night person, and I love that quality of light you see all night long.  You can almost read by it.

2.  Snow.  A LITTLE snow.  VERY LITTLE.  But the nekkid tree branches, ever so so lightly dusted with white, or even prettier: early in the morning, under a layer of ice, with the first rays of sun hitting them and throwing out golden reflections?  Gorgeous.  Just let it be known that I had best be looking upon it from under two comforters in my bed, and not scraping more of said ice off my car.

3.  The bitching.  No, really, it entertains me.  Everyone seems to completely forget that there was another winter just about a year ago, and OMFG IT WAS COLD OUT!  It’s like everyone’s first winter in upstate NY.  They’re so shocked that it’s cold.  Maybe it doesn’t phase me because I’m always cold.  If it’s under 90, I’m cold.  So beyond that…75, 25, -5…its all the same: misery.  And come summer, when it finally is 90 out and I’m reveling in it, these same people will complain that its too hot, completely forgetting the snot-freezing temps of mere months ago.  Isn’t that worth a giggle?

4. The sounds of thaw.  There is always a thaw.  It gets up to 45 or 50 for a few days (before the next storm rolls in to dump three feet), and for me, that means the massive icicles in the gangway, sprouting from the gutters on the house next door, begin to melt, and i hear the dripping in the gangway.  Not an annoying noise, but a soothing noise (although sometimes it gets really warm and enormous chunks will drop at once, which is more startling than soothing).  Also, the icicles themselves are just very cool.  Like monster harpoons, turning my gangway into a crystalline cavern.

The rest of winter, I hate, and it far outweighs those pretty things I mentioned.

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