Review: Ghosts of Demons Past


Didn’t care for it at first, seemed like a take on Harry Dresden but with a main character who is much less likeable.  Seth is a man who not only sees ghosts, but speaks to them, and makes a questionable living at it.  The book opens with him getting a blow job (maybe this was my initial turnoff to the character, because he’s so blase about it AND he’s getting a phone call from school about his son while its going on).  But as it goes on, he grows beyond the sex crazed boozehound loser (another turnoff, he can’t pay rent but he can pay a hooker and down tequila like there’s no tomorrow), the story takes hold, and we get to be with him as he develops into a much more likeable, understandable man. The demon twist coming back from his past, tying Sim into it, all elevated it to a more unique piece and I ended up really enjoying it.  He becomes someone who has walked through fire and struggled through to the other side, and having been with him for that journey, we laud him.

Published by azbaelus

Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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