On the End

Of the holidays.  What did you think I was going to say?  Yeesh!

So this weekend, I wasn’t on call.  I caught up on sleep.  I took the tree down (Spirit had a head start on that; most of the branches were dislodged already). I vacuumed.  Yes, I occasionally do that.  I put ornaments away.  And leftover tissue and wrapping paper that I will forget I have next year when I impulse-buy more.  I got some reading done, but the book I’m reading now, though dubbed a paranormal romance, is too stereotypical romance for my tastes and I have had several moments of gagging.  I’ll finish it, though.  A book has to suck beyond all compare for me to not finish it.

What is everyone looking forward to?  Warm weather?  Yeah, that’s the biggest suck of the end of the holidays.  There’s nothing to look forward to except more months of FRIGGIN’ COLD AND SNOW!  I suppose if you ski, that;s a perk.

I suppose with warm weather, I’ll look forward to trying to push the book.  My book, which isn’t doing well, but I haven’t been promoting it, so it all falls on me.  I’m still socially awkward, and I find it almost agonizing to have to sell myself to people.  But I’ve learned a few tricks, and I have good friends who are more experienced at this sort of thing, so with the spring, hopefully my balls will grow in, and I can get this nonsense up and running.

I’m all about the nonsense, you know.

Published by azbaelus

Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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