Christmas con’t

This one will be more uplifting.  It’s almost here, a couple of days away.  I have no plans.  Haven’t heard anything from where I usually go on Christmas Eve, so will probably be home, maybe with the root beer schnapps in hand.  Or I could visit the liquor store a couple blocks away and get some Canadian Club, cause I love me that stuff and I haven’t had any in a long time.

Wait!  Visit them?  THEY DELIVER!! Is that not a dream come true?!  Still, it’s like 4 or 5 blocks, so its not like I can’t just stagger there.

But overall, feeling better about the season.  It’s ok if I have nowhere to go.  Hell, the way this cold is, I don’t want to go anywhere.  I feel disgusting.  I have become what I hate:  a mouthbreather!  Ever get one of those on the phone?  It’s tres nasty.  But I like my tree (at the rate its going, however, there will not be a tree next year.  I’m tired of yelling at Spirit.  I’ll just wrap lights around the archway instead).  I’ve even put on the classic holiday music channel to read or game by.  Not the soft rock holiday shit.  Ten minutes into a Backstreet Boyz Christmas and I’m ready to smash every ornament in sight. Despite my sugar, I also treated myself to some eggnog.  O yeah, that Southern Comfort Vanilla is the bomb.

So, happy holidays to all.  Today is the solstice, so technically this is my Christmas,  Next week, I shall not be so merry.  I go oncall the 26th.  Watch, that will be when someone invites me somewhere and I can actually breathe.

FATE!  CRUEL FATE!  And a beeotch with a Coach bag!  (sing it with me!)

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