I haz Dunkin wrath!

Yeah, gotta do it.  Gotta get it out of my system.  Dunkin Donuts.  Love their coffee.  Their sammiches are ok, too.  Hash browns are nummy.  With the diabetes, I don’t do much of the food anymore except my morning wheat bagel, but man I used to adore those French crullers.  You get those babies when they just come out, all hot and goopy on the inside….slice o’ heaven!


Damn, they need to retrain their employees, because every morning its the same old crap that pisses you off.  And I think it’s ALL Dunkins, not just my local, but hey, compare notes and you tell me!

1. Interrupting me.  I suppose in this fabulous world of social media and staring at our phones, manners have long since gone by the wayside.  But for those of us who remember actually speaking to other people…interrupting is rude  I do understand, its a customer service thing, to verify the order and prove you were listening, but LET ME FINISH first.  This is how it goes (every morning I get the x-large toasted almond, cream only, wheat bagel toasted with butter)

DD: My name BlargityBlarg thank you for running on Dunkin how may I help you today?

Me:  Hi, an extra-large toasted almond, cream only, and a wheat bagel…

DD: That’s an extra-large toasted almond, cream only, does that complete your order today?

Me: …and a wheat bagel toasted with butter

DD: A wheat bagel toasted with butter, anything else?

Me; That’s it.

Now, quick as they were to cut me off, there’s usually a minute delay before I get the total (not like I don’t know it by now)  And its moreso aggravating because where most drive-through mikes are impossible to hear, somehow Dunkin has figured out how to crank theirs full-blast.  Yes, the guy 3 houses down knows I”m getting toasted almond.

2.  Napkins.  Apparently more precious than gold.  They don’t give them to me.  Maybe once every 2 months, I get some overachiever who gives me 35-40.  Fortunately, I hoard them at work so I have some until the next overachiever comes along.

3. Lets find a happy medium.  I know its hard to please everyone, but for the love of my arteries, a bagel toasted with butter doesn’t mean I want a full pound of the stuff on there.  Once upon a time, I used to order it with cream cheese, and that was bad enough.  I’d get to work, take a knife, and scrape probably half a package of ol’ Philly into the garbage,.  So I switched to butter.  Ok, so the bagel is toasted, and it melts, so I’m not scraping it all off, but now the bag the bagel is in gets so greasy I put it on the floor rather than the seat of the car.  And of course, see above.  There are no napkins to absorb said grease.  And by the time I get to work?  If I don’t eat that bagel pretty fast, its a mucky, wet, cold mess.

And lastly, yes, I just had 2 weeks of vacation.  I come back to see you’ve trimmed down the size of the extra large coffee.  I can tell because I refill that same cup at the keurig at work, and I can see the size difference.  But you’re charging me the same.

I may have to rethink Starbucks.

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