Things you hear when you work in a call center….

…will make you cry.  Seriously, if you’re the type who has a hard time holding your tongue, you won’t last long.  I hear a lot of people bash my big business, and many other big businesses, but take a minute to realize that nine times out of ten, you’re screaming at the wrong person.  And while it seems almost vogue to be rude, I still try to avoid it, no matter how mad I am.  I’ve been in those shoes, and it sucks.

1. “I’m on a fixed income.”  Maybe if you say “I’m on a very low fixed income”, this statement won’t seem so assinine.  Otherwise?  Duh.  Do you think my income is fluctuating wildly?  It’s not.  It’s fixed.  I generally get a raise a year, and trust me, it’s nowhere near keeping up with the economy.,  But overall, most people have a fixed income, unless they’re living on the stock market or knocking over convenience stores.

2. “You people are all about money.”  Again, duh?  Not a 501c (nonprofit).  Not a charity.  Not Greenpeace.  BUSINESS.  Businesses are about money.  It’s how they (are you sitting?) stay in BUSINESS.  It’s how they pay people to listen to you bitch.  They reinvest that money to bring you more goodies or services, or whatever they do.  It’s how they pay utilities to stay in BUSINESS.  Ok, maybe your beef is with unrealistic price increases, which I understand, but then say that.

3.  “My power’s out!  I want credit!”  All righty, then, have you tried calling the power company?  Which, by the way, isn’t us?  Yeah, let me know how that works for you…after your three and a half hours on hold.

4.  “I had checks left!”  This is not just a joke thingy on a t-shirt or a poster.  It’s real.  In my five years in a call center, I heard it at least four times.  Upon being shut off for a check written on a closed account.  But they had checks left.  I might be missing something here, because I’ve had the same checking account since college, but generally, when you close an account, don’t you destroy the checks?  Or do you keep them for sentimental value?  Or because they have that nifty Tasmanian devil over your name in Olde English that you simply can’t part with?

5.  “Are you open today?”  No, I just came in to field these type of calls, because I’m more interesting than an answering service.

Oh, there’s lots more, but I need more coffee right now.  Just a reminder, I have no problem with you having a complaint, but for all involved, treat other people decently.  Someday it could come round to you, and in the end, they’ll be more willing to help you, if your beef isn’t unreasonable.

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