Undead Oz thoughts

This all started as a joke at work. I don’t even remember how it started. Something about Oz, and then “what if Elmira Gulch killed Toto” and who the hell knows what came next.

Well, it’s at 86 pages, currently, which strikes me as about a third of the way through. I have several illustrations that people really like (and they’re a slight break from my usual style). And now the idea has come to me for an “Ozopoly” game. I won’t give away the details, except to give hints like “Go To Jail” is going to be “Get Lost in the Haunted Forest”, and one of the tokens will still be a dog!

My point? It’s gotten disturbingly real, and a lot of people are asking about it. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t NOT follow through on it. Which is fine, because its a load of fun, and I want other people to have fun with it. So, I’m off to work on it, but if you have thoughts on the process, or the drawings, or anything, I welcome them. Leave ’em here, or leave ’em om Break’s page:


And of course, I”ll keep everyone updated.

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