What are you reading?

Yep, a serious post.

Right now, I have 11 pages of books to go through on my Kindle.  On average I can read a book ever 2-3 nights.  But I usually have at least 2 going: one on the Kindle, and one physical.  For the physical, I’m reading the early Harry Dresden books again, and I’ll catch up on the newer as money permits.  What a great series; it would be a really fun TV show if done right (although if done right, it would probably get canceled fast, because it would have to have a crazy budget). Still, some of these characters I would love to do costumes or makeup for, and some set designs for the Nevernever….hoooowheeee!

On the Kindle most of what I have are free books, and a lot of them are stuff I would never pay for.  I’m not a huge fan of paranormal romance.  Hell, I’m not a fan of romance, period.  And a lot of romance, in the interest of grabbing young adults, seems to talk down, or has contrived moments (the author tries to shove things like cell phones and ipods and other modern references in where not needed to be hip).  Cripes, one I read was actually putting the texts in, and typing them AS texts.  Yes, I’m a grammar and spelling nazi.  No, of course, I’m not perfect, and I’m sure my own writing has some flaws.  But horrific language mangling surrounds me in everyday life.  I don’t need it in my literature.  And when you accuse me of being petty over things like spelling….well, writing is a form of communication, and if you want to be heard, understood, etc…put forth the effort to make it as easy as possible.

Anyways, boo for cold weather, but maybe I can get the Kindle down to like 8 pages of unread books.  If I stop downloading more.  Right?

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