Undead Oz nugget

“Oh! My name is Dawthy Pale,” she gave a little bow herself, thinking a curtsey in biballs would be foolish, “from Springfield, and I’ve come to see the Wizard. We’ve all come to see the Wizard.”
Punkinstein leaned forward, and the holes of his eyes seemed to widen.
“Are you…alive?” he hissed.
“Why, yes, I am.” She suddenly was very nervous. Only the Lich had seemed hostile towards her because she was living.
“She’s come a long way,” Monk said. “She has something important to discuss with the Wizard.”
“As do we all,” added Tinna.
Punkinstein straightened up. “You, you, and you may enter. But the living are not allowed within the City of Shattered Opals.”
“What?” they all cried out together.
“Why? Do you think they’ll infect the dead?” Thatcher said.
“It’s the law, and I am sworn to uphold it.”
“That’s a bit stupid. If she can’t get in to see the Wizard, how is she supposed to get back to her own lands? Is she supposed to sit out here forever?”
“She’ll die eventually, and then she can come in.”
Tinna let out a tooting shriek of anger. “That’s too idiotic to even be believed! Did you really just say that?”
“Of course I did.” Punkinstein pulled himself up straighter. “That there was pure logic, which I have been extensively schooled in.”
“You’re still an idiot, schooled or not!”
“Stop, everyone, just stop.” Dawthy walked to the nearest section of wall and slumped against it to sit on the ground. “It’s not worth fighting over.”
“Of course it is,” insisted Thatcher. “We all had reasons to come here, but yours brought us together.”

Published by azbaelus

Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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