Ever notice?

I like to think of myself as fairly observant. Well, usually. Yes, there have been times when I’ll come with “oh, when did that building go up?”, and get “6 years ago” for an answer. I guess I mean more like bizarre things that people don’t really pay attention to.

1. Funny trees.  Some day when driving down a major stretch of road with trees, look at them  Look at how they’ve been pruned to go around utility lines.  They are formed into some seriously weird shapes, and I have to wonder how they don’t just fall completely apart.  Sometimes you can look way ahead, and all the goofy shaped trees form a pattern.  It’s kind of like cloud-gazing, although if you’re driving down a major stretch of road, I’d avoid the lying on your back staring upward thing.

2. Billboards.  Ok, another driving thing.  Not only are billboards a blight on the landscape, but with the huge focus on not texting and driving, has no one else picked up that these, too, are dangerous?  They’re a distraction, and if there is text on them, that much worse.  Example?  Normally I don’t pay attention to billboards, but there’s one for some Halloween attraction in Brunswick, and despite my usual apathy about roadside distractions, it caught my eye and I wanted to know when and where it was.  Trying to find that into on the billboard was just long enough for me to start drifting…yeah, a whole 20 seconds of inattention.   Billboards telling you not to text?  Height of stupidity right there, just sayin’.

3. Roadkill.  It just struck me the other day.  It’s very sad how everyone will go around a poor creature smushed in the road, when obviously, there are people out there who don’t go around it when it’s still alive.

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