More Minor Irritations (or maybe rhetorical what the eff?)

1.  Convenience/drugstore prices.   Does anyone ever buy anything other than junk food or cigarettes in these places?  I needed creamer one night.  Instead of making 2 trips, since I needed to pick up scrips at RiteAid, I figured I’d get creamer there, too, instead of battling my way into Chopper for one item.   The creamer thing thats $2 at Chopper was $4.49 at RiteAid.  DOUBLE!   Why??  Chopper can just order that much more of it?  Maybe the drugstores would sell more if their prices weren’t so assinine.  Everything on average is $1-$2 more.  Sorry, guys, you’re fine for my scrips, but imagine if I did the really smart thing and got my meds mailed to me.  I would NEVER set foot in your overpriced store then.

2,  Drive-thrus.  Don’t get me wrong, I love drive-thrus.  I just hate them at the same time.  First, they make getting unhealthy, cheap food that much easier and tempting.  Granted, your car will eventually smell like ass from carting a lot of that crap around, but maybe like smoking, eating vile food will numb your senses.  Next, I may as well be ordering in Chinese to an employee who is Bulgarian, for all the effectiveness of the headsets/mics.  “Grrrblebrrble large wffffnble and blllllobbbblle.”  “What beeeble grrrrrrrrrak?”  “Brrrrblllllllllllpty.”   Suggestive selling?  Gosh, I had no idea you guys had fries, why sure, I’d love glllibbble derrrple brooop.  And finally, the joy of getting home and finding extra pickles on the onion rings, forty-five packets of ketchup, and that they held the burger instead of the cheese.

3.  Changing up a beloved show.  No, the viewers don’t want to see the main characters get married.  That sexual tension disappears.  No, don’t add a child.  Or a cute pet.  Yes, most people love them (being a complete jerk, I dislike gratuitous ‘cute’), but if a show did really well without one, then it just seems to throw the chemistry off.  You want examples?  This might be hard, since I never watched too much tv.  But…Brady Bunch?  Remember when they added Oliver?  The last thing that show needed was another kid.  Oliver was the death-knell to the Bradys.  They would have been better off bringing Tiger back.  Was Happy Days any more improved when they started pairing everyone off and Joanie grew up?  Let’s go back to serious basics…did Scrappy actually do anything for Scooby Doo?  Most of us despised that windowlicking nasal hype hound.

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