A moment of silence

No gripes or minor irritations today, just a moment of both respect, and retrospect.

Do you remember what you were doing? I was at work, still in the call center, and the phones were sort of busy. It was on the tvs all around the room, but the volume was down, and for what now seems like eternity, I thought it was genuinely an accident. A weird one, granted. The idea that someone out there hated us, as a people, so much, and would go to such lengths to harm us, was unfathomable.

It still is. But there’s a lot of hate out there, on both sides.

I didn’t know anyone directly involved, but I was still horrified and devastated by the images. I cried when they played the National Anthem before every football game, and I couldn’t begin to wrap my mind around the images of people leaping to their deaths.

But that’s all I will say, except on a parting note: in honor of this day, go one step beyond a moment of silence. Stop hating each other. Stop bickering over things like politics. We need to take care of each other, and stand united, hence “United” States. Banding together is the best way to combat those extremist bags of douchery. Show them that we are not jaded, or all about the material, or bloated Americans. We are diverse, and strong, and caring, and we will outlast and surpass their stinking foul murderous mentality.

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