Sneakiest Preview: the first 2 paragraphs of Undead Oz

Dawthy Pale was a mostly normal little girl, in as much as any little girl is normal. She lived in a boarding house, which was owned by her aunt and uncle, Phlegm and Henny. It was a neat and clean boarding house, and I say this because the term “boarding house” doesn’t sound very pretty, but Auntie Phlegm did in fact keep it as pretty as she could. There were floral curtains on the windows, and flowerboxes, and the wooden floors were polished to a high shine. Uncle Henny was also a bit of a handyman, so it was a simple matter to keep most things in working order.
In this boarding house, along with Dawthy and her family, were three boarders. Their names were Chunk, Tweak, and Mapleface, and they were perhaps a bit strange, being three men, all alone. In fact, rumor around town was that they had all worked together on a farm in the Midwest, and some truly bizarre circumstance had driven them all to leave. None of them would speak of this mysterious past, and finally Dawthy stopped asking, although she never stopped wondering.

Published by azbaelus

Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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