Another excerpt

Unwanted memories of his wretched past. Frank hadn’t seen his sister, a couple years his elder, in twelve or thirteen years. He had remained upstate for at least another year after leaving his childhood home. The details had long ago faded to a blur.
His mother had turned on him, though, not Ronni. Ronni was a good kid. A bit of a tramp, granted, and dimmer than a night light, but essentially a kind soul.
“I can’t,” he murmured. A lump formed in his throat, and he fought to speak around it. “I can’t think of a single situation where I’d hurt Ronni.”
“What if other lives depended on it?” The dragonlord fell silent for a moment as he tried to imagine an appropriate analogy. “What if she were entrusted with a weapon, a devastating weapon meant to kill or ruin millions? Not that she’d realize what it was; she could be used as an unwitting dupe.”
“Trust me, that doesn’t exactly boggle my mind.”
“Then you must understand. What if giving up that weapon meant the cost of her life? Azzie believes we can convince Moon to hand over the wand without a fight.”
“Which would be cool.”
“How do you think Damia will react?”
“Oh.” Frank considered this, another example of his failure to think ahead. “If Moon returns the wand, maybe Random will protect her. Can’t he?”
“He can, and probably won’t. He doesn’t interfere, remember? He could also claim her undeserving of protection since she served Damia voluntarily.”
Frank poked at his clothes. Still very damp, and he wasn’t thrilled about crashing out in his briefs. With his luck, they’d come under attack. He did feel compassion for Sun’s plight, even if he couldn’t relate. How could he envision Ronni in a similar situation?
“Tough call,” he admitted. “I still think I couldn’t harm her, no matter the sacrifice. Then again, a sparrow got sucked into the grill of my car once and I cried for a week.”
He didn’t add that he’d been drunk during those crying jags.
Well, old friend, we’ve got Azzie. Neither of us may have the guts to kill her, but I bet he’s not losing sleep over it.
“A gentle heart is nothing to be ashamed of. I am somewhat lifted. Sharing my dilemma has eased my burden. Thank you.”

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