Change of pace, since I’ve had some time for reading and I’m getting back into a series I really enjoy.  I thought I would throw some of my favorites out there.  If you’re a fast reader like me, you may like lengthy series, and hate waiting for the next book to come out (before my Kindle baptism I would purposely wait for an entire trilogy to come out so I could buy it all at once and tear through it).

Too bad I didn’t think to do that with George R.R. Martin.  I think I just picked up the first because it looked cool, and then got sucked in. 

Anyhoo, for those who like engaging characters, and lots of them, and lots of ongoing storylines, here are some of my favorites.

The Harry Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (this is the one I’m going back thru now)

Malazan Books of the Fallen by Steven Erikson (10 total)

Malazan Books of the Fallen  by Ian C Esslemont (5 more, fit in between Erickson’s works)

Books of the Black Company by Glen Cook.  Similar to the Malazan series, but each book is told from a character’s viewpoint.

The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, and Brandon Sanderson.  Yeah, a lot of people already knew about these, and waited a long time, but you got to really enjoy the characters, get a feel for the world, and the final book was an absolute treat.

I’m also fond of a lot of the Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, and Greyhawk books, but I think those are a lot more enjoyable if you were ever a gamer and know the lore.

Agree on those favorites?  Or have your own?  Because there’s a lot I’ve read that I haven’t mentioned for one reason or another.  Speak up and be heard, I’m curious and wililng to share.

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