Tattoo choices

I will put this forward, although I don’t get too much feedback on here, I’d love to hear from folks.  I’ve wanted a tat of the cover of the book for a long time, and I envisioned it looking like stained glass.  I made a bunch of copies (I didn’t want to color the original, which is on really good paper, too) and messed with the color scheme.  Which of the 3 do YOU think looks best?

tat1 tat2 tat3

They are similar, but not alike.  And I won’t say which one I’m leaning towards until I get some feedback.  Speak up, peoples!  Please!!

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2 thoughts on “Tattoo choices

  1. I vote for the first one as a tat. I like the colors better and I think it will render better than number three, because although three pops out at you more, I think the fact that there is more black in the outlines might not render well as a tat. I would like to see what the head of three would look like on the body of number one. I know, not what you wanted to hear, just an observation.

    1. Actually I have considered “mix’n’match”. My thoughts were to do the color scheme of 3 with the heavier black of 1. It’s also been mentioned to add in more purples, and that’s a possibility, too. Sun is gold and red, which is why those are that basic color scheme, and I was going to do a similar dragon for Moon in purples and blues, but I can certainly mix it up some. Thanks for the input!

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