More trrrrrrrrrrrivia!

Or is it theological rhetoric?

There are hundreds of pantheons containing hundreds of gods, and in the TDP world (yar, Trials of a Demon Prince, how long did it take for me to get lazy enough to do that?) many of those gods are actually the same entity, but recognized as various incarnations in different cultures.  The “father figures” are one, call him Zeus or Odin or Jupiter or Ashur.  Fertility/lust/love belongs to Xochiquetzal aka Rati aka Aphrodite aka Hathor aka Oshun….you get the idea.  This actually fits in with a monotheistic viewpoint, because as Az has so artfully pointed out, the Creator, Random, is commonly venerated as a god, even the god.  He is not, of course.  He made the gods to keep the Balance in check, but that’s too deep for tonight.

Did I have a point with this?  I did!  If you didn’t piece it together (and if you’ve read Break, you should have), Sun and Moon are, in fact, incarnations of Apollo and Artemis.  Their human shapes are more recognizable in line with those myths.  Moon is certainly the huntress in any of her 3 forms, and Sun easily represents the healing and truth facets of Apollo.  They also hatched from a single egg, and Apollo and Artemis were known to be twins.

Isn’t it wonderful how things fit together?


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